With your guidance, I think I will get up to speed quickly!

This is Karen; I came to your classes for the first time this past Sunday and Monday, stating I had been away from Tango for almost 8 years.  I just wanted to reach out and thank you for putting on such wonderful classes, and giving such individual attention to everyone, even in the “Sunday Tango Beginners’ Boot Camp.”  You are an excellent and articulate instructor, and I really appreciate your teaching style.  The little hints that you have given me have already helped my dancing quite a bit.  I still have a lot of practicing to do before I feel completely comfortable again, but with your guidance, I think I will get up to speed quickly.  Thank you for your passion, and wanting to make us all the best we can be.

This week is a little strange for me, but next week I should be more open, and will be able to attend more events.  Funny thing is, I really hadn’t planned on getting back into Tango at all.  I just happened to think about it last Saturday, found a wonderful video of Pablo Veron and his partner, couldn’t stop watching, couldn’t stop thinking about Tango, and then on Sunday decided to see what classes were available.  I was happy to find a class available Sunday night (yours).  I guess I’m hooked again now… LOL!!  I’m also very encouraged by the number of dancers that attend the classes, and especially the number of men.  When I danced here 7 to 8 years ago, there were way too many women and not enough men…..but, I am now very encouraged about getting back into the Tango scene here.

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