Private Lessons

Private Tango lessons would be an excellent investment in your training, and is the best way to learn tango, and will also produce the best results.

I bring 30 years of training & experience into my instruction. I was among the very first people in this country to take up tango, dating from the time when the original show “Tango Argentino” toured the USA. I am from Southern California, and I did all my studying, training, practicing, & dancing in Hollywood. My own teachers were the very best from Buenos Aires, some of whom are no longer alive today. I have trained extensively with a great many of the famous instructors from Argentina.

In California, I was a founder of the large Los Angeles tango community way back in 1986. I began my teaching career in 1994, and so I now have 21 years of teaching experience. I am very well known throughout Southern California for my pioneering work teaching tango over a vast geographic area: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Redlands, and Palm Springs. In a private lesson, I teach a full hour (60 minutes), and I can accommodate a single lady, or a couple (1 leader and 1 follower); a single gentleman, however, will have to bring a lady to dance with him during the lesson.

Please be aware that, at a ballroom or a dance studio, there often may be other teachers with their students, teaching other dances and playing & sharing different types of music. Sometimes we may be alone, but sometimes not; it all depends on the day, time, and level of activity at a particular dance studio or ballroom. This is the custom at studios & ballrooms (“shared floor space”), and might take a bit of getting used to.

The cost involved will be $80 (eighty dollars) per hour, cash only (and please, no large 50 or 100 dollar bills). Some good times for a private lesson might be the hour before (or after) my classes or “practica”: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. Sometimes a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening might be possible.

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