To All my Tango Friends & Fellow Tango Enthusiasts:

Hello, greetings, & salutations. My name is Paul Palmintere; I am a long-time “Argentine Tango Veteran,” and I am conducting a national & worldwide search for a professional-level lady Argentine Tango partner. Perhaps you can help me. Would you please read the information contained herein, and forward this to lady dancers that you deem appropriate? I would be very grateful. Appropriate candidates should reply through my “Contact Information,” below.


I am a professional Argentine Tango instructor in Las Vegas (Nevada), USA. Before relocating here, I was a major instructor in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, and throughout all of Southern California, USA. I need a lady partner (professional level) for teaching, studying, practicing, dancing, & working together in our local Las Vegas Tango Community, which comprises the cities of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, and others.) Our metropolitan area is known as “The Valley.”

I was among the very first persons to take up Argentine Tango in the USA, in Hollywood, way back in 1986, over 32 years ago. At that time, the original show “Tango Argentino” was playing at the famous Pantages Theater. I was inspired to study Tango seriously, and I have stayed in the training process diligently & continuously, nonstop, ever since. Incredibly, I have now had approximately 111 or 112 different instructors over the past 32 years, including the most famous from Buenos Aires. Sadly, some of my favorite teachers are no longer alive today. In 1994 I became a professional instructor myself. I had some notable teaching successes in Hollywood, Burbank, Orange County, San Bernardino (State University), Riverside, and Palm Springs. I relocated to Las Vegas in 2007.

My knowledge of Tango is extensive & deep, and I have always had excellent student reviews regarding my teaching, classes, & private lessons. My website (below) contains many references, students reviews, and testimonials. I speak Spanish well, and have lived in Spain & Costa Rica.

I am primarily a social dancer of Tango, not a performer. I truly enjoy studying, practicing, dancing, & teaching the lead-and-follow aspect of “Social Floor Dancing” — in Spanish, “El Baile de la Pista.” I am primarily a “Tango Traditionalist” in both the dance & the music. I really enjoy dancing socially all night long in the “Milongas” (Tango Dance Parties) to the traditional music of the “Orquestas Tipicas” (Traditional Tango Orchestras) that flourished in Buenos Aires during the Golden Age of Tango (approx. 1936 – 1956). For the most part, I stay away from Show Tango & Tango Nuevo, although I study all aspects of Tango in depth.

I run a small Argentine Tango Program at a very modern & attractive dance studio called “Step by Step Studio @ The Stage, in Anthem.” Anthem is a very nice, affluent, & upscale neighborhood in the city of Henderson (Nevada’s second-largest city,) located about 12 miles south of the famous Las Vegas Strip. We are in a partnership with The Stage, which is a modern & attractive dance facility. The Stage offers instruction in Performing Arts, Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango, and Social Dancing, all taught by very accomplished & highly experienced professional instructors.

When I began studying tango 32 years ago, I was still a young man. But now I am 65 years old; however, I feel that I have many, many good teaching years ahead of me. I am not tall; I am just a little under 5’8”, so I will need a lady partner who is petite (5’0” to 5’4” would be best).

In order to further improve my professional standing in the Las Vegas Valley, I need to have a professional teaching partner. I had an excellent partner that I was working with; but several years ago she became seriously ill, and had to stop dancing permanently. Sadly, she will not be returning; so, I must now search for a new lady.

I can point to many references in the World of Tango who know me.


WEBSITE: www.TangoInVegas.Com

EMAIL: PaulPalmintere@Outlook.Com

PHONE (VOICE ONLY): (702) 463-1253


My website contains details, information, class schedule, special events, photos, & more.


I am searching for a lady who has a big background in dance, and which might include training in a combination of some of the following areas: ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, Argentine Tango, ballroom, latin, social dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, etc. I need a lady who understands what it is like to study & teach dance, and who also understands that it is very important to study & practice, continuously, on an ongoing basis. Our main emphasis will be in teaching Tango together as a team, so past experience teaching dance classes would be a plus.

If the lady in question has a limited knowledge of tango, I would be willing to train her extensively in Tango, provided that she already has a background in dance.

I need a lady who knows what Argentine Tango is, loves the music & dance, and who would like to work in this area with me as a formal & professional partner. Our emphasis will be on teaching classes, not performing. A lot of what we will be doing will be teaching, practicing, studying, & also dancing socially at “milongas” (tango dance parties) & “practicas” (tango practice sessions.) Most of what we will be doing will take place during the evening hours.

I have approached all the appropriate ladies in our local Tango community, without success. So, I must now think in terms of trying to search for a lady, out-of-state, who might be willing to relocate to Las Vegas, and who would like to consider working with me. We will be working together to build up a Tango student clientele, and to add to the growth of our local Tango community.

My offer is sincere, genuine, & serious: Tango business only; no fraternization or dating. My partner could be married, for instance, as long as her husband understands that I will be needing a lot of her time; pursuing Tango is a very time-consuming activity. My partner will automatically get 50% of any money that we earn together teaching.

There are some things, however, that I am NOT able to offer: housing, transportation, marriage, money; so, my partner will have to be a lady who is fairly independent.


Las Vegas has a small Tango Community; we only have about 35 regular, weekly participants. This is usually augmented every week by a few dancers who are visiting from out of state (they are tourists, or attendees at conventions). About 4 or 5 years ago, we used to have twice this number; but in recent years a number of people have quit Tango, or have moved away.

Las Vegas is a unique city that runs 24 hours a day, and employment is dependent upon tourism, casino gambling, hospitality, etc. Over half the workforce seems to work at night, weekends, & holidays. Others have a different night off every week; and still others travel out-of-state a great deal with their jobs. Many people here would like to participate in Tango, but only rarely will be able to because of their work schedules. Ironically, Las Vegas is the home to many, many professional dancers who have an interest in Tango; but they will almost never be able to pursue Tango because they perform at night in casino shows. Additionally, a large percentage of residents in “The Valley” are older retirees & senior citizens who travel a lot of the time, and are gone for long periods.

Consequently, Las Vegas is a very difficult city for anything in the dance business. Turnouts for dance classes in “The Valley” are usually very small and irregular. My Tango partner would have to understand this situation, and would have to be the type of lady who would welcome the challenge of building up a clientele in a geographic area considered to be “difficult” for anything in the dance business.

Additionally, there are many other Tango teachers who live in the Las Vegas Valley: at last count, some 15 or 16 different instructors (but not all are currently active); and, there are some others, out-of-state, who want to move here. We are fast approaching a situation in which there will be more teachers than students. One reason has to do with real estate: you can still buy a house or condo here cheaper than in most other cities; so, some instructors have relocated here for reasons pertaining to real estate investment.

At first, teaching together as a team, we will have very little to count on; class turnouts will typically be small. But gradually, over time, I hope to build up a major following. So far, teaching & working solo, I have been adversely affected by the lack of a partner. With the right type of partner, I believe that we could build up a nice clientele together.

If you think you might be interested in my proposal, or know of an appropriate lady dancer who might be interested, please contact me through my “Contact Information,” above.

Thank you for reading through this information. I greatly appreciate your help.


Paul Palmintere